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  Tuition & Financial Aid  

Thank You For Your Interest in CCS!

We know you have a choice in where to educate your child(ren) and we consider it an honor to partner with each one of you.

We value your trust and take the responsibility of serving you very seriously. That is why each year, as we prepare our

annual budget and the schedule of tuition and fees, we take an in-depth look at what it truly costs to provide the high-quality

educational experience we are committed to at CCS. We will always be a Distinctly Christian, Decidedly Excellent, and

Deeply Connected school environment. Your child(ren)’s academic, spiritual, emotional, and social growth

and development will remain our highest priority. Each student will be uniquely and deeply loved and cared for;

their gifts, abilities, talents, and leadership capabilities identified and encouraged to flourish in all areas. 


We recognize and appreciate the sacrifice each family is making to keep this school the best it can be. In fact, it is this

sacrifice that drives every decision we make. Our goal is to remain fiscally responsible, while also being mindful of

the level of investment we ask of our families. We work tirelessly to never take this investment for granted.

We compare our tuition rates, fees, and programs to other schools, both private and public, in order to make sure

we maintain as high a value as possible. We only raise tuition when it is required in order to cover costs and

do whatever we can to find ways through vouchers, scholarships, discounts, and tuition assistance

to offset expenses so CCS stays as affordable as possible. 


We believe Clinton Christian School is a truly special place and we are so thankful you want to be a part!

If you have questions, feel free to reach out via email at

Current Tuition Rates

Click HERE to download the 2023-24 tuition and fee sheet.  Contact the admissions director via email at for more information or to schedule a tour and/or visit.

Financial Aid

Clinton Christian School provides financial aid to the majority of our families. Some of the aid options are detailed below. Please email to discuss eligibility requirements and determine the best options available for your family


  • School Choice Vouchers ​

  • SGO Scholarships Program

  • New Family Discounts

  • Paid In Full Discounts ​

  • Clinton Unrestricted Tuition Assistance/Scholarships 

School Choice Vouchers


Click HERE to review the household size and corresponding income requirements to qualify for School Choice Vouchers. In addition to qualifying with your income, each student must qualify with one of the tracks listed below.


Please reach out to an admissions counselor at to discuss whether you qualify and what your projected benefit will be. 

Voucher Qualification Tracks:

Your child must meet one of the track qualification guidelines in order to receive a benefit from the school choice voucher program. The following tracks are available for qualification. Awards vary based on qualification level. Contact an admissions counselor at to learn more.

  • 2 Semesters in a Public School Track: student has come directly from a public school in the previous two semesters

  • Continuing Voucher Track: student has received a voucher in the school year immediately preceding the current year.

  • Previous Voucher Track: student received a voucher in a previous school year, but not the one immediately preceding the current year.

  • Previous SGO Track: student has received an SGO scholarship in a previous school year

  • Sibling Track: student has a sibling who has received a School Choice Voucher or an SGO scholarship in a previous school year

  • IEP Track: student has an IEP

  • "F" School Track: student was enrolled in the immediately preceding school year in a school with an "F" rating​

SGO Scholarship Program

  • SGO Scholarships

    • Qualification for SGO scholarships is based on income 

    • Family of 4: Income must be below $154,000 annual AGI

    • Average benefit $500-$2000 per enrolled qualifying child


Click HERE to download the SGO application. 

Unrestricted Tuition Assistance

  • Unrestricted tuition assistance awards and grants

    • Any family can apply, no income limits

    • Awards prioritized for full-pay families



  • New Family

    • Awarded per family, the first time one of your children enrolls

  • Paid In Full Discounts

    • 3% off tuition if paid by September 1st

    • Only offered to families not receiving school choice vouchers


Co-Head Administrator 

Contact Michele Vigil via email at or by calling 574-370-3059 to learn more or to schedule a tour or family meeting.

Michele Vigil  
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