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  Patron Information  


The POST is a weekly newsletter sent home electronically to each of our families.  Often we attach files that include pertinent information regarding your child or the school that is not listed in the newsletter. Contact us if you would like to be added to the POST email list. 

Athletic Calendar

Click HERE to find quick access to the school Athletic Calendar. 

Parent Action Committee (PAC)


The PAC (Parent Action Committee) is the CCS parent organization.  Throughout the year we work to develop and strengthen patron relationships within our student body as well as between the patrons and the staff and administration at the school.  We coordinate social events as well as fundrasing opportunities to benefit the school. Our main goals are focusing on community fellowship, effective communication with school leadership, teacher appreciation, and developing pathways to achieve school/classroom improvements.  



Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures


For the safety of our students and in order to ensure smooth drop-off and pick-up procedures, please follow the drop-off policy HERE and the pickup policy HERE.


Virtual Learning 

Clinton Christian School is approved by the INDOE to offer virtual learning options for students on inclement weather days, professional development days, and any day requiring a shut down of the on campus learning environment.  Virtual learning days are considered normal school days, and thus participation and attendance are require din order to receive credit. A document detailing the expectations for both Elementary and JH/HS students is available. Contact the office for your copy. 

Policies & Procedures


Below is a link to our Parent/Student Handbook at CCS and our annual school performance report from the IDOE.


PARENT/STUDENT HANDBOOK                 School Performance Report

2023-2024 Naturalization Examination Results: We earned a 90% this year on the exam.

Hot Lunch Program & Menu


Our hot lunch program provides students with a home-cooked meal most Wednesdays during the school year.  The first Hot Lunch Wednesday is the first week in September. This is an optional lunch program for families at CCS and having your student participate requires a parent or parent representative to participate in serving the meal from 9 am to 1 pm on 2-3 Wednesdays throughout the year.  


The students look forward to Hot Lunch Wednesdays!  If you would like to participate please inquire at the office.  



As a way to communicate with our patrons, we use a group voicemail and texting service called ‘Call- Em-All’ and ‘Text-Em-All.’  When there is important all school information such as delays or emergencies to be distributed, we will use this option. 


FACTS Parent Login


Click HERE to access the FACTS parent portal to check and monitor grades.

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